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WELCOME Sailors !


Our belief is to produce strong cruise sails at the best prices.

Our website is intended to provide you with information about our products and services and who we are, who we are and how to contact us as well as our "team" we have in areas that operate charter boats.











Cοntact us


Phone:  +30 210 9834064

              +30 2109842010



We're open 8am until 5pm. If we have delivery until late evening. 


Pleiades Village 1403m.





    Charter Sails









Cruising sails, Sailmakers

We need  new  Partners



If you are looking for new sails (for private and professional boats) responsible for the repair and reasonably priced, then you've come to the right place.

Our specialty for over 30 years to serve the family of sailing yachts from 20 'to 60'.
We are the Sailloft specializing in manufacturing high performance and durability cruise sails for classic yachts and commercial boats.


We have over 31 years experience in making sails, and we have built a knowledge base, successful design, and technical experience in the fabrication of sails.

Our dedication to quality service in our work, the right prices, the agreed delivery time of new sails, a small or large repairs, led us all these years to have a good reputation in our field.




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