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       Sail Service 

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Phone:  +30 210 9842010



We're open 9am until 5pm. If we have delivery until late evening. 

The sails operate in a enemy environment where salt and air pollutants can cause serious damage to even the best carefully decorated sails.


   A key activity of alpha sails,

is to provide first-class service, support and assistance. As part of the commitment of our services, we have a team of experts on hand to ensure as we promise our service. In addition to a growing number of partners like authority, alpha sails has an extensive network of strategically located service centers around the coastline of Greece.



 Recut & re-shape.

We can intervene and give life to a "tired" sail.

Upgrade the tired sail areas, including theUV protection, correcting the luff to increase the effectiveness of furling Genoa's and the furling mainsails. Also, correction the leech side on mainsail with battens.


 Storage sails
Alpha sails are happy to store your sails, to dry ανδ controlled environment until ready to reuse.
The department of store is free, and charge only the security costs are € 10,00 sail for storing six months after agreement.
  • Service in Greek costal.
  •  Alpha Sails is really a Sail loft with many partners throughout Greece.
  • Wherever you are you can be assured of the highest level of service. Please ask us.
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